The old days porn looked something like this…


o2 o3

Crazy to think that porn started without color…….

o4  o5

everyone used to be so hairy lol……..

o6and there were no categories…..

20 Jan 2014

Lesbian porn was a big hit in the 90′s


l1 l2

The 90′s saw a huge explosion of the popularity of lesbian porn…..

l4 l5

girl on girls was seen everywhere……


20 Jan 2014

Anal became popular in the 2000′s


n6 n5

As the turn of the century hit anal porn became increasingly popular …..

n4 n3

interracial gained some popularity but nowhere near as much as anal…..



20 Jan 2014

Todays porn is reality porn


The most popular type of porn today is reality porn…………..

p2 p3 features young teens doing their first porn ever…..

p5 p4

or if you are into more mature women, is the place you want to go

mp1 mp2

mp3 mp4

20 Jan 2014